DeepAnalytics for Education

High quality data science education by problem based learning method


About DeepAnalytics for Education

DeepAnalytics for Education is an educational platform aimed at nuturing data scientists, in a practical form.


A lot of analysis experience is necessary for appropriate data processing and appropriate selection of analysis method in analysis work.


DeepAnalytics for Education was designed for faculty, having easy:

- Preparation of classes

- Grading of classes

We are here to assist you fostering future data scientists.



About DeepAnalytics

DeepAnalytics is a platform for predictive modeling and analytics competitions in which companies and administrators post data,

and data scientists compete to produce the best models for predicting and describing the data. Companies and administrators set tasks and prize money, anonymize the data and post it on DeepAnalytics. The data scientist analyzes the published data and competes the accuracy of the analysis model in the competition.

Number of current member of DeepAnalytics is approximately 4,000. Registered data scientists are from various fields such as finance, medical care and marketing.


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Features of DeepAnalytics for Education

Rich datasets

More than 30 different datasets are prepared for your classes.

For each dataset, industry type, data type (numerical value, image, text, etc.), problem type, explanation of data items etc are finely arranged.

Of course, you can make your own dataset and use it.

Take a look at the datasets.

Good management system

You can manage your classes, students, assignments and grades by class.

The progress of students working on assignments can be confirmed on the scoreboard.

One click and you can send notice to the applicants who have not yet submitted code or report for grade evaluation.

Simple grading

The system can evaluate and score automatically the submitted results for tasks requiring accuracy.

You can perform grade assessment almost automatically at the end of lectures, by reflecting the results of the report etc..

How It Works

Teachers can instantly quantify ability of students by having them solve tasks in competition format.

More than 30 competitions are ready-to-use, of course you can use your own dataset to prepare one.

1.Create an account

Submit a request form to create an account for faculty.

The faculty account will be issued within two business days from the data science lab team.

2.Create a class(es)

Sign in with the issued faculty account and you can create a class(es).

Class name, Duration period, List of students are required to create the class.

3.Create a task (create a competition)

You are able to know capability of students in real time, by having the solve problem in competition format.


More than 30 competitions are ready-to-use, of course you can use your own dataset to prepare one.

You would need competition description, data description, training data, test data, sample submit data, evaluation data and evaluation function, when you prepared a competition by yourself.


*Multiple competitions can be created within the class.

*Evaluation metric can be selected from over 40 choices.

4.Hold a competition

Let the students solve the competition problems, and have them gain practical experience of data analysis, which can not be gained in the classroom.

The student's ability is scored and visualized in real time, so you can see the growth process of the students.


It is possible to have students submit the analysis result as a report, by configuring the competition setting.

5.Evaluation of students

Student's grades can be evaluated semiautomatically, based on the outcome of the competition.


*The evaluation of the report cannot be done automatically.

Are you interested in educating high level data scientists,

by having them solve real world problem in real business environment?